• Programmable Thermostats:  Use one to set back the temperature when you don't really need it, such as when sleeping or gone for the day.
  • Maintenance:  Change filters frequently and clean indoor and outdoor coils.  Most dealers offer a regular maintenance service that can keep your system operating correctly.
  • Furnace/air handler blower:  If you have a furnace or air handler with a variable speed blower, set the Thermostat Fan in the "ON" position always.  It will circulate air better and use less energy than if on AUTO.
  • Match indoor & outdoor coils:  If you install a new central air conditioning outdoor unit, include a new, equally efficient "matched" indoor unit.
  • Insulation:  Be sure your home is adequately insulated.
  • Check and re-check:  In the spring and fall, check the seals around windows and doors and then seal them with a quality caulk.
  • Ductwork:  Make sure ductwork is properly installed for greater efficiency.  Also check for leaks, mold, dirt and foreign matter in the duct system.
  • Service & maintenance agreement:  If you do not already own this agreement, then consider purchasing one so that your system is properly checked and serviced prior to the cooling season.
  • Prevent air loss:  Install weather stripping around drafty areas on windows and doors.
  • Keep your thermostat up:  Each extra degree can add four to five percent to your cooling bill depending on the age of the air conditioner.

If you have questions regarding your Maytag system or are interested in a spring clean & check, give us a call - 936.653.3888

Spring and Fall are perfect times to perform checks on your system, as well as take some steps to help save money on energy costs.

Many factors can affect long-term savings. 

Here are 10 ways to save:

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